My research into cryonics monitoring systems began in late 2020 with the Apple Watch. Since then, I have evaluated over 50 devices for suitability in cryonics alarm monitoring. Some of these evaluations were brief, a few minutes, while for others I created more or less a prototype in order to better understand the components and limitations of the device.

The devices I evaluated for cryonics monitoring suitability have largely been fitness related devices, including: 

  • Apple Watch - prototype
  • Samsung Gear 2 - prototype
  • Samsung Galaxy 5 - documentation / sensor experimentation
  • Fossil Sport - prototype
  • Tic Watch Pro - prototype
  • Fitbit Versa 3 - prototype
  • Fitbit Charge - prototype
  • Fitbit Sense 1 - prototype
  • LilyGo TTGo - prototype
  • mBient MetaMotionS - documentation / sensor experimentation
  • Oura Ring - documentation / sensor experimentation
  • Garmin - documentation
  • Biobeat - discussion with representative
  • Empatica E4 - documentation
  • PineTime - documentation

Stay tuned to this space -- I will be publishing:

  1. Detailed articles about individual sensors and their role in cryonics monitoring
  2. Deep dives on suitability of particular devices
  3. Experimentation videos and write-ups with devices
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