Cryonics Monitoring

Research and development of
cryonics monitoring systems


Our mission is to help reduce warm ischemia and improve S-MIX scores industry-wide by reviewing, researching and developing solutions for cryonics member monitoring. Learn more About Us.

Detailed Reviews

Analysis of existing designs for speed and reliability.

Ongoing Research

Discover improvements and 
new potential solutions.

Specialized Development

Custom solutions designed specifically for cryonics.


Projects and Media

Below are images from our current smart ring project.
See more details in our Projects section. To learn more about how we got here, see our presentations in the Media section.

Proposed ring: Multiple health metrics can be calculated using photoplethysmography (PPG), along with accelerometer and gyroscope technologies.
Proposed ring, light functionality: A programmable LED conveys information to the user, reducing the number of times the user will have to open the app.  
Proposed system: Building a comprehensive, reliable and convenient 24-7 monitoring system with a modern and easy-to-use interface.   


Research of development of monitoring systems
that meet cryonics-specific needs.

Reliable Monitoring
Quickly and accurately
identify a problem
Thoroughly Tested
Tested for speed, reliability
and usability
For Cryonics
Either suitable for or built to meet
the specific needs of cryonics