Custom Smart Ring Monitoring Solution [In Development]

The Oura Ring, the Ultrahuman Ring and other smart rings have an attractive form factor in terms of comfort and lack of intrusion into daily life. Furthermore, without having a display screen, smart ring battery life is typically longer than current smartwatches on the market despite having a smaller battery, usually lasting about 3 to 4 days versus less than 2 days for most smartwatches. However, existing smart rings currently do not provide enough raw or continuous data access to 3rd party developers, or reliable syncing in order to be used for cryonics monitoring.

Example components of a basic smart ring (Image from Omni Ring)

This project describes the undertaking of building a smart ring from scratch. This project is currently (as of June 12th) in the prototype phase, having custom hardware built. The hardware and software components of the prototype are expected to be completed and evaluated by October 2023.

Components include: 

  • PPG module (for optical heart rate measurement, SpO2, and IR wear detection)
  • Accelerometer/Gyroscope for motion tracking
  • LED indicator light
  • Bluetooth and LoRaWAN
Miniature Optical Heart Rate Sensor

One downside of the smart ring form factor is the inability to accommodate WiFi for transmission. WiFi (802.11) modules can be small enough to fit, however, the battery required for transmission is generally larger. The combination of LoRaWAN and Bluetooth however will prevent sync delays. See more details on the architecture diagram below:

Our application is being developed with interfaces that are familiar to leading smart ring prodivders, such as Oura. Find an example below:

Phone application design and features


We have received the hardware prototype in hand and are developing the firmware.

10 initial flexible PCB boards designed for our custom cryonics smart ring
A sense of the current size of the PCB board


Development continues to progress.